Bolton, The Cube – Residential Project

JUNE 2020 – AUGUST 2021

Classy and Unique

The process from beginning to end was a challenging yet rewarding journey. To watch the complex become completely restored, wall by wall, level by level became a fulfilling experience. 

Watching as the materials that we had so carefully checked to ensure complete compliancy, be expertly installed to manufacturers specifications by our team, was an accomplishing sight to see. The hard work and time and effort spent was becoming a reality in the form of a brand new building.

Trust the Process

The build-up consisted of A2 Hardie Fibre Cement panel installed to a A1 Aluminium bracketry system with A1 Non-Combustible Insulation and Cavity barriers fixed to an A1 Weather Board secured into the SFS system.

Fast forward 14 months, Block A and B of The Cube, Bolton is completely restored, and prohibition notice lifted ready to welcome students once again.